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What is 1X2 LiveTip about?

Automatic live analysis of over 1000 football competitions

1X2 LiveTip is the fully automated real-time data analysis of football matches around the globe. No more gut feeling and intuition - our algorithm processes 65 data points in real time and calculates a precise probability of which team will score the next goal.

Rocket science

Our algorithm during the 90 minutes

65 parameters flow live into 9 categories with different weightings. From defensive behaviour with pressing sequences, to attacks with expected goals and shooting accuracy, we analyse all games worldwide in real time and give you the winning tip during the 90 minutes.


The truth is not only on the soccer field, but also in the latest developed technology. With our patented solution, we analyze large amounts of data in real time and can thus predict the next goal.

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About Us

Football is our passion and we are now making it your advantage. We combine our expertise from technology and science within the 1X2 LiveTip app. Our hit rate is above Mario Basler's accuracy.

Hit rate 70%

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