In all probability we know which team will score the next goal.

This IOS and Android App based on real-time data analysis of global football games shall turn you into an all-knowing football prophet!

Over 70% accuracy!


Ball possession rate of the most likely winner? Number of fouls by the opponent? Our statistics are constantly up to date and help you to assess the game.


Simple subscription model

7 days free trial

  • 4,99 € / month
  • daily cancellable
  • no user registration necessary

The app

Over 1.000 pairings covered by live analysis

This App analyses live football games around the globe 24/7 based on state-of-the-art AI technology and a patented algorithm in order to work out the likely course of the match. It considers match-winning criteria and complex analytical data and works out which team will score the next goal with a probability of over 70%. So far this rate is unrivalled by other Apps currently on the market.


This App features

Statistics and in-game charts

Ball possession rate of your favourite team? Number of fouls by the opponent? Our statistics are constantly up to date and help you to assess the game. 15 minutes after kick-off this App provides automated bar charts displaying real-time clustered statistics on live matches

Real-time data analysis

Does the opponent have the ability to get back into the game after conceding a goal? We do know! The App updates data after every goal scored. It works out new game statistics which can be displayed in a separate viewing screen. Bar charts and predictions will be refreshed in real time.

Projection of relevant parameters

Our algorithm uses 65 up-to-date relevant parameters to work out predictions for you. Every deciding factor will be weighed and considered accordingly. For example, parameters such as pressing, goal expectations or accuracy of shots on goals and passes will be evaluated in real-time.

Push notifications

As soon as the bar chart has reached the highest available reference point and the App has come up with match predictions, our users will receive push notifications between the 20th and the 79th minute in the match.




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About the creators

We are a dynamic group of entrepreneurs based in Munich. We have a great passion for football in common. This passion, powered by digital transformation created a new and beneficial experience. Based on clustered know how, innovation technology and science, we have transformed our passion onto a digital platform.

Andreas Bauke
Shareholder Managing Director

“All I care about is bare facts”

Stefan Effenberg


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